Scented Candles – Ivy and Wood


Embracing simplicity and nature, Ivy & Wood draws inspiration from Australia’s native flora.

Ivy and Wood candles are hand-poured in Brisbane using only the best ingredients:

eco-friendly natural soy wax (no nasties)

pure cotton and paper braid wicks

high quality fragrance oils

pure essential oils

quality glass mason jars (with the vintage look!)

Soy candles burn at least 50% longer and cleaner than paraffin candles and burn evenly so there is little wax left on the side of the jar.

The candles come in beautifully presented designer packaging.

The candle mason jars are reusable as well, so once the candle is finished simply wash out the jar with hot soapy water and you have a new jar to store things in!

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Oakmoss and cinnamon, Orange and cedarleaf, Yuzu and patchouli, Orchid and ginger, Bamboo, fig and vetiver

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